Classes Resume May 12


Agility Field (Outdoors)

Renaissance Dogs
127 Main Rd

Holden, ME 04429


Members $12

Nonmembers $15

Handling classes are presented by members of the Penobscot Valley Kennel Club. The classes provide practice for dogs and their handlers at all levels of experience. This is an excellent opportunity for junior handlers to gain confidence in a noncompetitive environment. Puppies and mixed breeds are welcome.

While dogs and handlers learn ring routines and procedures, instructors and other class members observe and offer tips to improve performance of both dog and handler. PVKC handling classes provide a supportive atmosphere. 

Dogs and handlers learn how to walk in a show ring situation, how to interact safely with other dogs and how to interact well with strangers. One of the most important lessons dogs may learn is manners and how to work well with their handlers. 


Handling classes and ultimately dog shows teach a handler and a dog to become a team which is a relationship that carries into all other activities that dog and handler do together. 

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Outdoor Classes and Covid Protocols

Handling Class resumed May 12, 2021 and are held every Wednesday evenings from 6:30 -7:30 PM. at Renaissance Dog's outdoor agility field in Holden. The field is gated and fenced with a nice mowed surface. 

All state of Maine Covid restrictions will be in place.  Please be aware of current restrictions. https://www.maine.gov/covid19/

Class will NOT be held if it is raining.  

Please click on the link to sign below to sign up for class each week.  A sign up sheet will be posted each week. 

PVKC's 2020 handling classes in the agility field were well attended. Denyse Adams is a very popular instructor and we are grateful that she has agreed to return this year!