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Pet Food Pantry Donatons

Each month the Penobscot Valley Kennel Club repackages and delivers your dog food donations to local food pantries. The food is delivered to food pantries in Penobscot County operated by Samaritan Inc. and to Loaves and Fishes in Hancock County. Since its inception in 2010, the program continues to grow and has helped many families.

The extra assistance prevents owners from having to surrender their dogs to shelters or worse, abandonment or neglect. The program helps keep the family pet and pet companions at home. Food pantries assist low-income families, seniors, veterans, and the homeless and anyone finding it difficult to supply food for their pets. Supporting pet food pantries helps keep pets at home. It can be lifesaving.  

Many people will feed their pets before they feed themselves. Donated food helps to stretch tight budgets to keep food on the table for dog owners and promotes proper nutrition for both dogs and their owners. 

This program is made possible by the generosity of our members and friends of the PVKC. Sincere thanks for your ongoing support.


Donate Dog Food

If you would like to donate dog food, we can arrange for drop off in the Bangor/Brewer or Ellsworth areas. 

Purina Dog Chow Complete Adult is a good all around choice with real protein, vitamins and minerals. It is best to pass on bargain brands with a lot of fillers and artificial ingredients. 

Contact Debra Lafreniere for donations in the Bangor/Brewer area. 

Contact Denise Hue for donations in the Ellsworth areas.

Thank You!!
Financial Donations Welcome!

Checks can be made payable  and sent to:
Denise Hue, Treas PVKC

6 Falls Court
Ellsworth, ME 04605

Meet You At the Match

We collect dog food each fall at our PVKC Match. Even if you are not entering or volunteering at the match,  we welcome you to drive on by and drop of some dog food. We will bag and label it. We will even help unload it!

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